Original Series (5 week)

  • Sangiovese, Italy
  • Riesling, Washington

$ 10.00   OFF PER BATCH

Estate Series (6 week) 

  • Vieux Chateau du Roi, France
  • Grenache Rose, Australia

$ 10.00  OFF PER BATCH

Limited Edition Chocolate Cherry is back! Get yours while quantities last!

Planning a Wedding in 2021? 
We can put a package together consisting of your favorite wines, bottles, custom labels, and shrinks. Make several months ahead of your wedding for optimum aging and taste.


2022 Global Passport Series: 

​Every year our highly anticipated Global Passport Series takes us on a new adventure to the most prominent well-respected wine regions. A range of classic varietals to charismatic blends, this limited release wine series celebrates creativity and insists on excellence. Available for a short time by reservation only, its a one-of-a-kind wine experience.

Niagara Mist Chocolate Chery is a delectable blend of juicy black cherry, velvety dark chocolate, and subtle vanilla flavours. From the enticing cocoa and ripe red fruit aromas to the gentle chocolaty finish, you'll savour every sip. Decadent enough to be a treat, but still light enough for every day.


Monthly Specials

New Wines:

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